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DOB: August 24, 2001

Country: Colombia

Height: 5′ 3″

Weight: 142.64 lbs

HS Grad: November 2020

Current Grade: Junior (23/24)

English Tests: N/A

GPA (aprox.): 

Academic Interest: Business Admin, Marketing & Information Systems

Committed. Fall ‘24
Florida National University

Athlete Profile:

Current UTR (Jan 23, 2024): 5.61

Current UTR (link):

Country Ranking: N/A

Recognitions: U16 Interschool champion

Get to know me

Define yourself in three words: friendly, adventurous, traveller

Why study in America? Support is offered while offering the chance to connect with people from around the world at the same time than improving English by learning new vocabulary with the major

Life goals: I would love to have my own online business and meanwhile I make it  happen I would like to work with an online human resource company like I have done it before or any company related with tecnology so I can live in any place that I want.

Practice video:

Game sim video

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