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It is the user's responsibility to know the Conditions of Use before accessing the products and services on the Website; If you do not agree with them, we ask you to refrain from using it.


The Website is a work composed of various integrated and inseparable elements (text, illustrations, photographs, animated images, videos, computer programs, including the html codes of the website, etc.), whose Intellectual Property corresponds to THE OWNER, except regarding those materials obtained under license from third parties.

THE OWNER and its licensors retain at all times the Intellectual Property over the Website and over the different elements that compose it, individually considered, in all copies made (whatever the support to which they are incorporated), granting over them only the rights of use described below. Any right that is not expressly assigned is understood to be reserved.

In addition to the above, THE OWNER is responsible for the selection, design of the structure and layout of the contents of the Website, as well as who has taken the initiative and assumed the risk of making substantial investments aimed at obtaining, digitizing and presenting of the same, corresponding, therefore, to the protection that article 12 and Title VIII of Book II of the Intellectual Property Law may grant to the website, considered as a database.

THE OWNER is also the sole owner of the design and graphic image of the Website, reserving the relevant legal actions that may apply against people who make imitations or unfair uses of it.

It is allowed:

  • Browsing the Web, that is, accessing and viewing it on a device, any temporary or accessory reproduction being authorized, provided that it is not voluntary and forms an integral and essential part of the technological transmission process. Browsing through certain sections of the Website requires prior registration.
  • Benefit (upon registration) from the services and advantages provided by THE OWNER through the Website to its users, under the conditions expressly indicated in the different sections.

It is strictly prohibited:

  • Any operations regarding the Website, its contents, the downloaded products and copies of all of them that are contrary to the Law, good customs and good faith.
  • Any use outside the personal and private sphere, especially those for commercial or professional purposes, including sending advertising or messages and collecting and processing data from third parties.
  • Any type of extraction, public communication and/or transmission, total or partial, by any means, outside the private scope of permitted use and, especially, its incorporation into any other work, including web pages, collections or databases. The publication in the media of materials that can be downloaded from the Press Room section is excepted from this prohibition.
  • The removal, concealment or falsification of notices and warnings regarding the Intellectual or Industrial Property of the Website or any of the products provided through it.
  • Operations and activities expressly prohibited in any other sections of these General Conditions and, in general, any that may harm the normal functioning of the Website, other users or any third party.

The establishment of links and hyperlinks to the Web from other pages or websites is authorized, provided that they are not done in a way that damages the public and brand image of THE OWNER, the Web or any of the people and products. to be referred to therein. When establishing links with the Website, the use of techniques that imply confusion about the identity and ownership of the content, such as framing or others, is expressly prohibited.

The establishment of links from pages or websites whose contents promote or excuse, directly or indirectly, any type of violence, discrimination, pornography or illegal activity is prohibited. Likewise, the establishment of links for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited.

When creating the links, the use of elements extracted from the Web is expressly prohibited without the prior and express consent of THE OWNER.

In no case may it be understood that the links to the Web from third-party pages or websites imply relations between THE OWNER with their owners, nor does it imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of any kind from THE OWNER regarding them, so THE OWNER does not will be absolutely responsible for its content and legality.


As a client or user of the Website, you agree to make appropriate use of the contents and services offered through it and not to use them to:

  1. Involve in illicit, illegal activities or activities contrary to good faith and public order.
  2. Spread content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic nature, that advocates terrorism or that violates human rights.
  3. Cause damage to the physical and logical systems of THE OWNER, its suppliers or third parties, introduce or spread computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems on the network that are likely to cause the aforementioned damage.
  4. Disseminate content that threatens the image and reputation of THE OWNER or third parties.
  5. Attack the intellectual, industrial, image, honor or other property rights that correspond to THE OWNER or third parties.

THE OWNER will have full freedom of decision as to whether the collaborations and messages are finally published on the Web or not, and will be entitled to remove them when he or she deems appropriate.

The violation of any of the rules contained in these Conditions of use and especially, of what is provided in this clause, will entitle THE OWNER to immediately terminate you as a user or subscriber of the Website.


The information or personal data that you provide us will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. By using this website you consent to the processing of said information and data and you declare that all the information or data you provide us is true and corresponds to reality.


THE OWNER reserves the right to make, without prior notice, any modifications it deems appropriate on the Website, and may change, delete or add both the content and services provided through it, as well as the way in which they appear. presented or located.

Although THE OWNER will make every effort to keep the information contained on the Website updated and free of errors, it does not offer any guarantee regarding its accuracy and updating. Nor is the obtaining of any specific result or purpose guaranteed, so access and use of the Website is the exclusive responsibility of users and clients.


THE OWNER will pursue non-compliance with these Conditions of Use, as well as any improper use of the Website or its contents, infringements of the rights that correspond to it or its licensors, especially those of Intellectual and Industrial Property, exercising all actions. , civil and criminal, that may correspond to it in Law.

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